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Mystery Blanket KAL
        Do you remember reading the choose your own adventure books as a child? The stories would change with each path and never be the same. We took this concept and created our own "knitventure" story so that we can knit along with the story. As you are reading along, the paths you choose determine what stitch pattern to follow. This is what makes each blanket unique by design.
       Join us each month as we follow the main character, Purly Petunia, in her knitventure - What will she knit? Will she complete a project or end up with a tangled ball of yarn barf? You won't know until you join our KAL. 
      Each month on the 15th a new story will be released along with the paths to follow. This is meant to be a relaxing KAL -  You have the entire month to knit your paths (stitches). By the end of the KAL - July 31, 2018 you will end up with a beautiful and one-of-a-kind blanket. 
      So join us and cast on!

Checkout these items
Sueno Worsted
$10.60 $10.00
Forest Hills
$22.10 $20.85
Maypole DK
$8.55 $8.00
Cashmerino Aran
$10.60 $10.00
Dreambaby DK
$3.85 $2.89
8" Bamboo Double Pointed Needle