Solar Over Dyeing

Have you always wanted to try dyeing your own yarn but didn't want to commit to buying the supplies? Were you just intimidated by all the steps? Do you have yarn that you bought ages ago but now you hate the color?
We are here to help! We will be teaching a Solar Over Dyeing class in July! What is Solar Dyeing? Using the heat of the sun to help set the dye in the yarn. It is a super easy way to dip your two in the dyeing pool without committing a lot of time or resources. What is Over Dyeing? It is applying dye to a yarn that has already been dyed in order to change it's appearance. Why do I need to take this class? Because it is going to be FUN and you will have some wonderful one of a kind skeins to craft with!

Date: Saturday, July 10th
Time: 12-4.
This is a drop in class but participants should arrive no later than 3:15 and be prepared to stay for an hour. (Total length of dyeing sessions will depend on how hot it is the day of the class. The higher the temp the shorter the class.)
Cost: $20, includes all dyeing supplies. Yarns will be available for purchase at $5, $10, and $15. Participants will also be able to bring yarn from their stash to dye.