Lavendar Wands


Lavender wands are beautiful, gorgeous examples of functional art. Popularized in the Victorian era, they are made by weaving ribbons in an intricate pattern around fresh, long-stemmed lavender flowers. Then they are dried and can be used for years to keep your woolens protected and safe, and beautify your home with their colorful design.

These lovely wands can be slipped into drawers, your yarn and fiber stash, or even left out to decorate and enhance the fragrance in a room. They measure between 7 to 8 inches long and are about an inch wide at the top. The handwoven lavender wands make lovely gifts, and are the perfect accessory choice when giving someone a handmade or heirloom piece you want them to enjoy for years to come.

These lavender stems are woven and grown on the shores of the Pacific Ocean from the Lavandula angustifolia, or English lavender plant. This powerful herb has been used since antiquity for everything from aromatherapy to medicine. Once prized by the Greeks and Romans, modern studies have found that essential oils from this flowering plant are antimicrobial and have been proven to show potent activity against insect pests like moths.

Please remember that the best way to keep moths away is that dreaded word - CLEAN! Regularly vacuum the closet and surrounding areas. Moths like dark places such as corners, baseboards, edges of carpets, so make sure you attack those areas first. Also, moths are attracted to soiled fabric, so launder or dry clean woolens before placing them in extended storage. Store susceptible items (wool, silk, fur, and other animal fibers) in airtight boxes or bags. Sticking some lavender wands in with them is good insurance.

Gently squeeze or roll your lavender wand with your fingers to reinvigorate its scent.