Needle Felting 101

What is Needle Felting?
Felting is the process of producing felt, textile or fabric by combining and compressing loose fibers. You may have accidentally "felted" your wool sweater by washing it in the machine and it comes out much smaller and matted together. This process is different where it is "dry" felted instead of wet. You will use a special needle to agitate these fibers together.

This class will introduce you to a process where you use a special felting needle, roving and a foam block to create 3D shapes. Once you learn the basic components of needle felting, you can get creative and shape your fibers into animals, characters or embellishments to add to your knitwear, clothing or purses to name a few.
Class Times: Limit to 6 people/class
Saturday, Feb. 15th 1 - 3 pm
Wednesday, Feb. 19th 4-6 pm
Saturday, Feb. 22nd 1-3 pm

Class Fee: $35 (includes felting kit, roving, foam block & cookie cutters).
Book your spot today by adding this to cart and select which day you will be here. Class fees are non refundable & cancellations accepted up to 24 hours before the classes begin.