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Stitch Together Oracle Cards


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The Stitcher's Oracle Deck was created with stitchers and crafters of all sorts in mind. Whether you quilt, sew, knit, embroider or crochet this deck will help you gain insight into your projects as well as your every day life. As we crafters know, our craft IS our life and this deck honors that. Why an oracle deck? Oracle decks differ from traditional Tarot decks in that they are much more free-form, open-ended and perfect for beginners and experienced readers and soul-seekers alike. Instead of each card having a set meaning, the cards are open to your own interpretation. This allows your own personal intuition and creativity to shine through. The included booklet will give some suggestions on reading the cards as well as some simple layouts for daily readings. However, this deck was created to be YOURS. Make of it what you will and allow it to guide you in whatever ways your creative soul needs. 

Each deck will come with 58 illustrated cards printed on high quality linen textured card stock in the standard tarot size of 2.75 inches x 4.75 inches. Lovingly packed in a premium, custom illustrated two-part box that will keep your deck well-protected and an 8 page accordion folded instruction booklet.