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It's Football Season!
Join us in our first unique pattern designed by The Yarn Shop Yarnies to show our support of our favorite football team. This year's fun project is a one of a kind scarf hat. Watch each game then knit the pattern stitch according to the score. By the end of the season you'll have an unique stocking hat that tapers down to a scarf that can wrap around your neck. So cast on and get ready for football!!!

Charity Knitting
The Knitted Knocker's project is off to a great start. Pairs keep coming in. Remember our goal for the shop is 100 pairs by Sept 30th. Meet us every Saturday morning between 930 am to 1130 am for friendly knitting and assistance. 

Purple Baby hats
We are still in need of purple baby hats to donate to the cause of The Purple Crying Phase - this helps raise awareness of Shaken Baby Snydrome. All hats must be at least 50% purple and  nothing fancy should be attached to the hat (pom pom, fuzzy yarn or bows, etc.) Please make sure to use baby soft and machine washable yarn. Donate all completed hats by Sept 25th. 

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First Commercial

Fresh * Fabulous * Fibers

That is who we are here at The Yarn Shop – a friendly and cozy atmosphere for you to develop or enhance your yarn skills. We are a supplier of fine quality yarns, patterns, tools and accessories and offer friendly and excellent help on all knitting and crochet related questions. We also have a great selection of unique and one-of-a-kind buttons in the city and cross stitch kits. The yarns are listed but the best experience is to come in to see and touch the wonderful fibers and imagine the possibilities.

We are located inside the Sutter Place Mall on 48th and Highway 2.

Checkout these items
Baby Dresses
$4.00 $3.50
Sunshine Coast
$16.75 $16.00
$12.65 $12.00
16" Stainless Steel Circular Needle
$4.00 $3.50
Taiyo Sock
$20.85 $20.00