Camp Craft Cocktails

Many people enjoy complex cocktails, and not all possess the skill, time, and ingredients to craft one. Camp Craft Cocktails creates cocktail kits that only need an alcohol of choice added—just let it sit and soak up the flavors in the jar and enjoy. And with fabulous flavors such as hibiscus ginger lemon, aromatic citrus, apricot cranberry smash, hot toddy, sangria, bloody mary and pineapple jalapeño margarita, the only delay in making a quick cocktail will be deciding which delicious infusion to make first. The process is simple. Each jar has a 12 month shelf life with no preservatives; oh, the magic of dehydration. Fill the jar, which is already filled with all the fruits, botanicals, and herbs needed to infuse your alcohol of choice, then wait three days. That’s it. Yes, you need patience for the three day part, but after that, you simply strain, add whatever mixer you choose (juice, tonic, get the idea) and you have a very impressive instant cocktail. Homemade, ulous private citrus grove.
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