Fiber MacGyver

The true yarn about becoming a Fiber Macgyver…

I have never known a life without being connected to a fiber macgyver.

I was raised by a fiber macgyver. My mom, Marguerite, was once a local yarn shop owner (we still have the baby & toddler sized sweaters she knit for us 50 years ago!). She taught me how to macgyver all of the fibers and I began sewing clothes, quilting, hand stitching and my all-time favorite: knitting. My mom not only instilled in me a true love for fiber arts but a deep appreciation for building community, compassion and support for small businesses.

My career has been split up between raising a family (we have 4 graduates, one left to go) and working in marketing, helping small and medium businesses. Most recently, I led the client services team at an ad agency in Minneapolis.

During our world’s shared experience of the pandemic, while my family was waiting for my sister (who is also a fiber macgyver) to wake up from her long COVID slumber in the hospital, I needed a distraction from my worst fears and began dying yarn. Who knew that I would fall so hard for this love of yarn & color? After devouring all of the information I could find, and many exciting experiments later, I embarked on the path of a new adventure: Fiber Macgyver.

I feel fortunate to spend my days (and nights) with yarn, offering an exhalation of gratitude to the hard-working people in the yarn-making industry and the animals that share their wool with us.

My approach to color is often influenced by my travels and our northern Minnesota lake life. You can generally expect a classic yet quirky, sometimes even rustic-vibe from Fiber Macgyver.

Thanks for taking us along on your own fiber macgyver adventures!

If you love to play with fiber, you are a fiber macgyver. Join us! And please reach out if you have any questions. 

❤️ Susie