Round Mountain Fiber

Round Mountain Fibers is a boutique wholesale fiber-arts studio based in Brattleboro, Vermont. We offer an exclusive and unique line of hand-dyed yarn inspired by nature and limit our distribution to only 50 local yarn shops nationwide. We have five collections: Ornithology (inspired by birds), Botany (inspired by plants), Entomology (inspired by insects), Aquatic (inspired by underwater creatures), and Geology (inspired by rocks and minerals). We are also the home of Drunk Yarn!, a collection of home yarn-dyeing kits inspired by classic beverages. 

Each skein is lovingly hand dyed: no two skeins are identical. Our Ornithology and Entomology collection colorways naturally pool and stripe. Our Botany collection colorways are dyed in a multi-step process that produces a variegated effect, with occasional splotches of color. Each skein has its own unique pattern of darks and lights. Our Aquatic colorways combine the pooling/striping effect with speckles, while the Aquatic and Geology semisolids subtly pool and stripe as they vary in tone from one end of the skein to the other. Geology colorways feature a mostly semisolid skein with a pop of color!