Top Notch Club

Long time Yarn Shoppers are probably familiar with our Top Notch Club. Each Fall we pick one or two sweater patterns and complete a KAL. It is a fun way to get into a Fall state of mind, but we realized that by focusing on sweaters we were leaving out a lot of knitters! So we have decided to give our Top Notch Club a makeover to include shawl and sock knitters!

These featured projects for each club - Sweater, Shawl, Socks - will run throughout the year and typically will have a 3 month deadline to complete your project. 
Membership required to join our club - To join the club, purchase our Top Notch Club necklace (lanyard style that holds essential oil pads and hook for all your stitch markers). This exclusive necklace will give you access to all the club features including yarn & pattern support, special classes featuring techniques based on the projects, members only discount on yarns for the project and unique stitch marker to designate your completion of the projects.