A Patriotic Christmas Eve

Pattern Name:A Patriotic Christmas Eve Designed By:Nurdan Kanber Company:NNK BV Holland Copyright:Nurdan Kanber Fabric:Aida 14, Dirty(Model stitch on 28CT Sage/Summer Khaki Jobelan Evenweave) 208w X 136h Stitches Size: 14 Count, 37.74w X 24.67h cm Notes: All rights reserved 2020! The idea and inspiration of this pattern belongs to Chrissy Morgan. Stitched and finished by Chrissy Morgan @finally_a_firmgirl French knots in mouse, Christmas tree and plant on fireplace. Using 2 plys of floss and wrapping needle 3 times with Weeks Dye Works- Lancaster Red, except on (used 1 strand of black DMC 310 for eyes, nose and whiskers)