Black Safety Eyes

  • Good Glossiness : Dolls made with these crochet eyes look very bright because our safety eyes are made with a fine polishing process. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Bright doll eyes can make your handicrafts vivid and moving
  • Smooth Surface : The surface of these doll eyes is very smooth, and you don't need to worry about the quality of our safety eyes for amigurumi because each of our safety eyes is carefully crafted. Each crochet eyes can reflect light. These safety eyes for crochet are good tools for DIY enthusiasts and amateurs
  • Equipped with back washers : There are sufficient back washers in the package to protect the safety eyes from falling off, which are easy to use, just invert them with a cloth and fix these back washers to safety eyes for amigurumi
  • Widely Used : Plastic safety eyes for crochet are very suitable for making handmade dolls, Amigurumi projects, and toy crafts, as well as for various fillers, such as plush puppets, bears, and so on. recommended age rating: above 3 years old