Fall on the Farm Series

A Nine-Part Series Beginning December, 2021
The designs will release monthly and will end just in time for you to finish for fall decorating!

The fabric is 30 Count Portobello linen from 
Access Commodities. 
If using aida it would be better to go to a 16 count fabric to 
ensure you have enough thread rather than 14 count.

The large finished design is 195 stitches square or 13" x 13".  

Each small design is 63 stitches square and 
measures approximately 4-1/4". 

If stitching this as one large design, 
leave three stitches between the blocks. 

* * *

To complete the entire series, you will need 
the following from Classic Colorworks:
2 Bamboo
2 Brandied Pears
2 Wagon Wheel
1 Caterpillar
1 Hazelnut
1 Honeycomb
1 Pea Pod
1 Sunkissed
1 Dublin Bay
1 Glazed Carrots
1 Just Rust
1 Muddy Puddle
1 Weeping Willow
1 Colonial Copper
1 Tennessee Red Clay