JLE Kits - Giraffe

$37.00 $27.75
Do you just love giraffes and need one in your life? Or maybe this sweetie is the perfect addition for a nursery wall? It really doesn't matter because giraffes are amazing and why not embroider one yourself, right?

The floral stitches are easy but the giraffe utilizes some thread painting using long and short stitch. There is no video for this specific pattern but you may find it useful to check out some of my other thread painting videos on Youtube if the technique is new to you. If you are new to embroidery I believe that you can still have success with this pattern!

Your kit includes:
★ 12 skeins of DMC embroidery floss
★ White cotton fabric, stamped with the full color design
★ One 6 inch wooden hoop for framing
★ Embroidery needles
★ The color printed embroidery instructions
★ A copy of the Beginner Guide