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Knitter's Pride Self Love Limited Edition Interchangeable Kit


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Just in time for the Holidays, Knitter's Pride brings us the "Self Love" limited edition interchangeable gift set. This set is inspired by themes of "Me Time", happiness, and self care. What a thoughtful gift for a beloved Knitter(yourself included)!!

It has an inspired new design based around the concept of a book, where the different tools are found on a series of "pages". It includes wooden IC needles in colored shades of pastel (US sizes 4,6,7,8,9,10,10.5,11). It includes all of the cords, connectors, end caps, etc that you've come to expect from a Knitter's Pride set. The cords allow you to create circulars in lengths of 24", 32" and 40". They are packaged in suede pouches for a lovely plush feeling. To top off the theme of this set, it also includes a crocheted bookmark, and a Knitting Journal for taking notes, jotting down some musings and affirmations, or if inclined, attempt a doodle of that bird perched outside your window!

We think you and your customers will really enjoy this years offering from the folks at Knitter's Pride!